• In order to protect the global environment from conventional mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal, and to pass it on to future generations in a better condition, a shift in direction to the effective use of resources, or in other words 'Re-use', is now unavoidable.
  • Since our company was founded, we have consistently focused on the 'Recycling business'.
  • hanks to your support, we have been able to survive for a quarter of a century and we are proud to have contributed to society to a certain extent.
  • In the future, we believe that awareness of the '4Rs' will continue to increase, the recycling market will grow and the value of our company's existence will also increase.
  • Why don't you join our company, gain experience in the re-use business with its unlimited possibilities,
  • acquire appraisal skills and make use of your abilities for the community and society?

〈 Employees we are looking for 〉

  • ◎ Bright, energetic and ambitious person
  • ◎ Self-motivated and responsible person
  • A person who is based on "Growing together", is strict with himself/herself and warm with their colleagues, and always aims for a higher level of performance.


Job Title

(1) Store staff
Sales (customer service) and purchase (appraisal) of brands, watches and jewellery
(2) Web business staff
Operation of own E-commerce and mall-type websites

Employment status

Permanent employee


Monthly salary of at least ¥250,000 for both (1) and (2).
*220,000 yen during the trial period.

Working hours

(1) Depends on the shop (8 hours working time)
(2) 9.30am - 6.30pm

Holidays and vacations

(1) 8 days per month, 4 days each in summer and winter / 110 days off per year.


Salary increase once a year, bonus twice a year, full transport costs paid, social insurance, employee discount scheme.


High school graduates or above in both (1) and (2).

How to apply

Please contact us by phone at the number below.
Phone / 052-879-3161 Recruiter: Fujito
Please send your resume by postal mail.
-Document screening
We will proceed with the selection process based on your resume.
-First interview
Our Manager will interview you, and please present your past experience and motivation for joining the company.
-Executive interview
We will discuss our management philosophy, vision, and corporate culture to see if you agree with them.
-About informal job offers
We will carefully examine the results of the interview and inform you of our decision as soon as possible.