Purchase business

■ Strong sales force makes for strong purchasing power.

◆ Abundant distribution channels

Our strength is our ability to secure a wide variety of sales channels, including not only our own in-store sales, but also online sales and overseas sales, which enables us to purchase items at high prices.
We also focus on wholesaling to retailers, so we are able to handle a wide range of brands and products.

◆ Extensive knowledge of our appraisers

Obviously, assessing an item requires knowledge.
Our appraisers share information on current trends and market prices of diamonds, jewelry, and brand-name products at thorough product training sessions at all of our stores to raise the level of the entire store.

◆ Thorough research on the latest market prices

Our clear research objectives, our focus on "Information Value" such as CS surveys (customer satisfaction surveys) and consumer surveys, and our repeated research of daily changing market prices make it possible for us to provide high valuations for all types of products.

◆ Fully equipped maintenance department

With our own maintenance department, we are able to maintain products in various conditions.

Our skilled staff performs this maintenance, so maintenance costs are not deducted from the purchase price. Minimizing costs enables us to realize high purchase prices.

■ Our purchase enhancement genre

◆ Brand Purchase

Not only brand-name bags, but also brand-name wallets, brand-name key cases, and other brand-name accessories are widely available.
Even if the bag is faded, has no handle, or is missing a pattern, we will purchase it at a better price than the market price.
lease feel free to bring your items to us even if they were not purchased at other stores.

◆ Watch Purchasing

From high-end watches such as ROLEX, OMEGA, Cartier, and CHANEL to domestic watches such as CITIZEN, SEIKO, and ORIENT, we purchase a wide range of brand watches.

In many cases, we can purchase watches even if they are dirty, scratched, or damaged.
Even if the watch does not have a spare case, frame, or warranty card, please do not give up and contact us.
Please feel free to bring your items to us even if they were not purchased at other stores.

◆ Diamond Purchasing

Jewelry products such as rings and necklaces, as well as loose stones (bare stones) can be purchased. Even diamonds without a certificate of authenticity and loose diamonds will be appraised with a reliable eye.
Especially large diamonds and well-designed jewelry will be purchased at a high price.
We will also evaluate and purchase even a small piece of diamond attached to the jewelry as a side stone without overlooking it.

◆ Precious Metal Purchasing

In Japan, there are many dealers buying precious metals, but at present, there are differences in the purchase price for the same weight of gold and platinum.
Please contact our company, having a reliable sales channel, for a high price purchase.
We purchase not only ingots but also numismatic coins and coins at high prices. We also purchase gold and silver tea kettles, teapots, Buddhist altar utensils, and other items that have value as products at an additional price.

■ How to purchase our products

◆ In-store purchase

For those who want to sell only one item, those who are not comfortable with a visit to their home, those who want to get cash immediately, and those who want to sell while working or shopping, in-store purchase is convenient.
Our staff with expertise and abundant appraisal know-how can assess your items on the spot and purchase them immediately.
Our staff can explain the reason for the assessment while giving you easy-to-understand instructions on the item's appeal and condition, so that you can realize a satisfactory purchase.
Once the customer is satisfied, receiving cash immediately on the spot is also an advantage.

◆ On-Site Purchasing

This service allows our professional and knowledgeable staff to go directly to your home or other designated location to purchase items.
Even if the items to be sold are in large quantities, large in size, or heavy and difficult to carry, our experienced staff will take responsibility for transporting them, making it easy for sellers to sell their items.
We can also help you with fragile or expensive items such as antiques, artwork, and jewelry that you may not feel comfortable carrying around.

◆ Home delivery

If it is too far away from the stores, if the customer is too busy to take time to visit the stores, or if the customer is anxious about having someone visit his/her home, home delivery service is convenient.
Simply send the items to be purchased, along with accessories, warranty cards, and copies of identification documents, in a cardboard box to receive a free evaluation.
Upon arrival, our professional staff will carefully assess each item one by one. If customers are satisfied with the assessment price, the money will be immediately deposited into the designated bank account, making the process both safe and speedy.

◆ Dealer Purchase

Purchases from dealers are also available.
Please contact us if there are any problems such as inventory shortage, purchase of remaining products due to closure or withdrawal from business, overstocking, etc.
Product manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and other companies in the same industry are also welcome to consult with us. Our company has abundant sales channels and a wealth of sales experience, so there is a strong appetite for demand for brand-name products, watches, jewelry, and other items.

Please consult with us concerning items that you have purchased but are having trouble finding a sales channel, or items that you are having trouble finding a prospective buyer for.