Management principles

“ Growing together, Inspiring together ”

  • All relationships in the world are enriched by mutual growth through friendly competition, making use of wisdom and strength, and progress and development.
    Through the process of improving each other, a sense of satisfaction and purpose in life is born, and great inspiration is gained.

Corporate purpose

Demonstrate wisdom and strength in "Creating value through re-use" and contribute to society through the provision of such value.

  • We will contribute to global environmental protection and economic vitality through the provision of products and services by raising awareness of the need for 're-use' instead of mass production, mass sales, mass consumption and mass disposal.

Mission statement

" Enthusiasm, Creativity and Sincerity (San-i) "

  • The achievement of our management philosophy and corporate objectives would not be possible without steady day-to-day efforts.
    For this purpose, we work with passion in everything we do, constantly displaying our originality and providing new information, and building trust by treating everyone with sincerity.

President greeting

Through sales and purchases, we help people to pass on things carefully, without throwing them away or wasting them without using them.

There are probably many items in the homes purchased but no longer used, received as gifts but put away without being used, or inherited but never used, or not liked.

Even if they are kept in storage as they are, they will not be able to show their true value.

Eventually, they may become old, moldy, insect-eaten and unusable.
We are here to help you re-use the things that have been created in the world so that they are not left unused, disposed of or lost.

Even if you and your household don't have the opportunity to use something or don't think you need it, there are many people who would like to have it and want to use it.

Trying to find them yourself can be difficult, but by using our re-use system, you can pass things on quickly and without hassle.

We will continue to innovate every day and strive to lead the re-use industry so that rare items that have been passed down from generation to generation, as well as limited resources and items that have been created and distributed with human labour, do not go to waste.