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■ Introduction of franchise businesses for easy start-up of purchase and sales

◆ Why don't you start a franchise business of purchase stores?

In recent years, more and more people are starting purchase stores.
In many cases, salaried workers start as a side business, or businesses and sole proprietors who operate restaurants, renovation businesses, etc., start as a side business.
There is also the option of starting as a side business or a second business, and then turning it into a main business once it gets off the ground. However, starting up a business from scratch may seem impossible because of a lack of know-how, valuation knowledge, and funds to purchase the products. However, the purchase business through franchise membership is a way to challenge yourself and dispel such concerns.
The initial costs such as franchise fees and training fees, as well as the cost of renting a store or office, can be started from low funds.

◆ Only a small amount of space is required

Since we can buy and resell more of the items purchased at the franchise headquarters, you do not need to sell them in stores.
Of course, it is possible to earn money by selling in stores, but you can keep costs down by specializing in purchase in the beginning.
It is possible to start at home or in a SOHO office by renting a small tenant for in-store assessments or specializing in home delivery or on-site purchases.

◆ No experience in valuation or appraisal knowledge is required.

When hearing of a purchase franchise, the biggest concern is not so much the financial aspect or the cost of setting up a store, but the knowledge and know-how aspect of not being able to perform assessments.
Please do not worry if you are not familiar with brand-name goods, cannot judge whether they are fake or not, do not know the carat weight of diamonds, do not know the types of gems at all, or cannot distinguish between pure gold and alloys or plating.
Basic knowledge of how to identify brands and precious metals can be learned in our training programs.
Furthermore, during the actual assessment, simply send an image of the item to our headquarters, and our knowledgeable staff will immediately provide you with the results.
This ensures peace of mind when assessing customers face-to-face in stores or on business trips.
If there are concerns about not being able to assess items directly by yourself, there is also the option of specializing in home-delivery purchases and improving your skills through interaction with the head office.

◆ No risk of holding inventory

Are you afraid that you will only receive the purchase price and will lose money if you cannot resell the product?
Since the franchise headquarters, which has abundant sales channels, can purchase the products, there is no need to worry about making a loss by carrying inventory.
The franchise headquarters will make payment on the same day when the purchase is completed, and you can also make payment in advance by sending in your items afterwards.
You can operate your purchase business without worrying about funding.