EC consultancy services

■ Introduction of EC Consultant Business

◆ Our EC consultants will help you find a solution.

We provide EC consulting services based on our know-how and accumulated expertise and experience in the successful operation of buy/sell websites.
Please feel free to consult with us not only business owners buying and selling used goods, but also business owners selling new goods purchased from manufacturers and wholesalers.

◆ In-house developed selling system

In order to facilitate even first-time online sellers, we can provide an in-house developed selling system.
Even if there is no specialized knowledge of E-commerce site management, you can quickly list items for sale by simply setting up conditions and registering products.
Once the initial setup is complete, all you need to do is enter clear and attractive photos of the products you wish to list from various angles and easy-to-understand product descriptions, even if you cannot actually hold the product in your hands, and set the price.

◆ Making a multisite site

Even if an unknown vendor starts selling on its own website, it is often not easy to attract customers.
Therefore, it is recommended to list your products on major E-commerce sites, flea market sites, and online auction sites to increase the chances of customers accessing your company's page simply by searching for the product name or other information.
Users make purchase decisions not only because of the attractiveness and price of the product itself, but also because they can use or earn points on the E-commerce site.
We recommend that you create multiple sites in order to attract buyers who are rooted in a particular E-commerce site and are frequent online shoppers.

By using our in-house developed selling system, you can register and sell your products on multiple sites with a single product registration and selling.

◆ Inventory Linking System

If there are multiple inventories of the same product, each site can set its own inventory count, but by linking inventories, you can avoid missing out on sales opportunities on the site selling the product.
If inventory can be linked and confirmed for one-of-a-kind used items or limited-quantity items, they can be offered for sale on multiple sites at once and sold quickly, without the risk of double sales.
Our in-house developed selling system can also be linked to the inventory, so you can operate with peace of mind.

◆ Website Creation and Site Building

Sales can be made through major E-commerce websites, but many users check the company's website to make sure that the store is trustworthy before purchasing products.
In addition, if you have a physical store as well as an online store, the presence of a website is key to attracting more customers and increasing trust in your business.

Please contact us to create a website to attract customers and to build a website for your company.