Our thoughts on reuse

Through sales and purchases, we help people to pass on things carefully, without throwing them away or wasting them without using them.
There are probably many items in the homes purchased but no longer used, received as gifts but put away without being used, or inherited but never used, or not liked.Even if they are kept in storage as they are, they will not be able to show their true value.
Eventually, they may become old, moldy, insect-eaten and unusable.
We are here to help you re-use the things that have been created in the world so that they are not left unused, disposed of or lost.
Even if you and your household don't have the opportunity to use something or don't think you need it, there are many people who would like to have it and want to use it.Trying to find them yourself can be difficult, but by using our re-use system, you can pass things on quickly and without hassle.
We will continue to innovate every day and strive to lead the re-use industry so that rare items that have been passed down from generation to generation, as well as limited resources and items that have been created and distributed with human labour, do not go to waste.

〈 Sales business 〉

◆ To deliver 'Satisfaction and Excitement' to all customers

We have been involved in the sales business with the aim of providing a space where customers can feel “Satisfaction and Excitement”.
We have a wide range of valuable and exciting products such as brand-name goods, watches, jewellery and other rare and limited-edition items that are usually hard to find.
We have more than 20,000 items in stock at any one time, so we not only sell BtoC items, but also sell to traders and overseas buyers.
We also have staff who speak English and Chinese, so we can respond quickly to overseas customers.

〈 Purchase business 〉

◆ Purchasing system adapted to modern society.

In the purchase business, the company offers in-store, on-site and home delivery purchase services, mainly to private individuals, as well as to contractors.
Please select the method that best suits your needs from the following list of features of each.

〈 WEB business 〉

◆ Developing a wide range of web businesses

We mainly operate a business that buys and sells branded goods, jewellery and luxury watches.
We do not limit ourselves to physical shop visits and face-to-face operations. We are also engaged in the operation of 13 national and international E-commerce channels, including our own website.
Here are the features of each of our web businesses.

〈 EC consultancy services 〉

◆ Our EC consultants will provide you with solutions.

We have developed our own management systems to support the purchase, assessment and sale of re-used goods.
We have started the EC Consultancy Division out of a desire to make use of the AI and information system technologies we have developed through this experience.
We support you by taking on the entire process from planning to development and on-site implementation.
Please feel free to consult with us about everything from the creation of a website to the opening and operation of an E-commerce site.

◆ Why not start FC business of buying shops?

The business buys and sells second-hand branded goods domestically and internationally.
Based on many years of experience, we have our own database of authenticity and forgery, and this know-how is our strength.
We support our franchise owners with full support by the head office, including property introductions before opening, training before opening in the area, remote assessment support after opening, operational guidance and marketing support.